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The history of French jewellery house “Korloff” is inseparably linked with the history of KorloffNoir -the biggest diamond in the world. This unique gem of 88 carats was the property of a few generation of the Russian noble family-Korlov-Sapojnikov. As the legend has it, ‘Korloff Noir’ brings happiness and luck to everybody who touches this stone once. Having been seduced by the beauty and mysterious history of diamond, the well-known French jeweller Daniel Paylaser became the owner of this stone and used an analogous trade name for his company which was founded in 1978.’KorloffNoir’is now considered to be the brand mark and soul of the jewellery house “Korloff”. Spreading its own enchanting fleck on all the products of this brand dark brilliant dowers them with the strength of porte-bonheur of furore and prosperity. Daniel Paylaser was born in Lion in 1948. His creative career developed successfully. His glamorous creations had worthily been evaluated by the public and Daniel Paylaser won general recognition as a maitre of gold work. At present Daniel Paylaser is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. He discovers unknown rules of beauty and searches the newest forms of its evocation by creating inimitable jewellery designs, watches, devices and clothes. Daniel Paylaser is able to fuse restraint and sophistications of traditions, brightness in his blazing jewellery. Beautiful creations appear in the jeweller’s workshops of “Korloff” in Lion. Only ‘royal’ materials, like gold, the purest diamond and other gems are used in the jewellery. For the implementation of their ideas jewellers from ‘Korloff’ make a careful choice of the stones and only the best of them become worthy to decorate the Jewellery House.

The jewellery house “Korloff” is famous for its brand diamond cut “Korloff”. This is a unique manufacturing method of diamond refinement letting to get 65 bezels instead of usual 57.Thus, play of light on the surface of the stone create inimitable visual effect and as a result the stone visually seems to be big in its size. Owing to formation of the extremely difficult bezel created by us the house “Korloff” has forever taken its place in the history of jeweller’s art. At present the house “Korloff” creates inimitable jewellery among which there are magnificent rings and bracelets, non-imitative necklaces and pendants, stylish and elegant watches fitting every taste. Daniel Paylaser, Head of the Company considers, ’Time to be the life enclosed in a watchcase. Therefore watches must be beautiful.’ Accordingly, he creates stylish designs of watches “Korloff” which are considered to be the signs of respectability and refined taste. Generally recognized maitre of the gold work Paylaser has personally created the design of all collections. His creations combine with features having become guarantee of world-wide furore of the company, i.e. the best ideas, high-priced materials, ultimate accomplishment and consistent Switzerland quality.

Internally and externally varying and transforming watches of “Korloff” have iron -bound traditions, i.e. the most reliable devices put together for “Korloff” in Switzerland and made in the jeweller’s workshop of France. The watches from “Korloff” are the signs of respectability and refined taste.

Multi-various stylish page design of the watch collection includes sports, classic, jewellery, fashionable watches from “Korloff”. The choice in the colour- range of watch faces and wristlets is maximally multi-various. Internationally recognizable exclusive shape of the watches “Korloff” are hooped in a graceful arch on the sides and the repeated curve of the letter ’K’ forms the logo of the company.

The Italian jewellery brand “Marco Bicego” is relatively young, but is quite successful and in demand. It was founded by a young jeweller “Marco Bicego” in 2000. His first experience in the sphere of metal working and manufacturing of jewellery he gained only at the age of 22. It happened when he first started to learn jewellery work in the jewellery shop of his father.

At present “Marco Bicego” is one of the youngest, the most successful and promising jewellery companies of Europe. Its main manufacturing capacities are still situated in Italy. However, special boutiques of this brand can be found in many developed countries of the world and the number, as well as the demand for the products of this brand are steadily growing.

Designing his new jewellery the Italian gold-master primarily relies on present –day development and technology in the field of jewellery manufacturing. Besides, he has got new approach towards the conventional production of gold by giving it a particular form visually reminding us of silk. Thereunto, his golden rings, bracelets and earrings are decorated with variety of multicoloured stones among which one can find diamond, aquamarine, topaz, quartz, amethyst, citrin, paraiba and many others. The choice is so great that they can be spoken about for hours. However, having seen the product once you shall forever become an adorer of breath-taking and completely unique style of this brand, the style by “Marco Bicego”.

The jewellery by “Marco Bicego” is mostly chosen by extravagant women of fashion. They look very stylishly and suit both to every-day and evening dresses. Great choice of the product of this brand kindly pleases everybody. Its jewellery has been gathered in a number of separate collections. Each of which has its own stylistic solution, a single one for each product included into the collection.

Present aesthetic revolution in the world of jewellery took place in the very heart of Florentine jewellery traditions 35 years ago under the sign “PVG” (Ponte Vecchio Gioielli). An advantageous idea which was realised only within a few years by “Ponte Vecchio Gioielli”, one of the most progressive Italian jewellery designers is something completely new, three-dimensional vision for women who are weary of the conventional view of classic jewellery houses.

Today the jewellery of “PVG” is easily recognizable. Each design draws attention of the strictest supporters of the traditional jewellery by bringing unique notes in the appearance of the owner and gives her particular mood not trying to show disregard to the classic style. In an effort to it, Ugo Kala and Jean Carlo, designers of the company created a new language reflecting the very essence of white diamond and colour-stone, citrin, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline and peridot, all sorts of gemstones cut by the most qualified jewellers of the company. “Ponte Vecchio Gioielli” is one of the most eminent jewellery companies of the world. “PVG” jewellery workshops occupy vast area in the Florentine hills. Each product goes through the entire path from the designer’s idea, choice of raw material to the manufacturing of each unique detail and quality inspection.

“PVG” manages to foresee the new trends of fashion prior to the fashion itself being trend setters. The style the company creates can be described as follows: exposure in contemplation and thought, avoidance of pragmatic reality, walk to the farthest bounds of art, trip on the roads of the inner world and changing around the community.

This method of interpretation fills each detail of “PVG” in reality and is found in flowing lines and warm colours of the new collection, in its transparent stones and pure ideas, light and transparent geometry. There is no more baddies and goodies, black and white, i.e. the world is full of nuances and “PVG” interprets them in its own way by combining white and yellow gold, diamond and citrin in the basketry of lines and feelings.

“Ponte Vecchio Gioielli” creates its jewellery for independent, intellectual, resolute and self respecting women. “PVG” speak their language in this sensuous, intimate and trustworthy talk.


Luca Carati is an Italian jewellery company founded in 1988 in Valenza; it was born  joining the experience of its own master goldsmiths to the energy of its dynamic and professional management.

Every step of manufacturing of Luca Carati jewels is carried out entirely inside its factory, starting from the design project until the jewels completion. Still today Luca Carati goldsmiths  use manual techniques unchanged over the years.

The attention to details and carefully selection of raw materials are the main values  of Luca Carati philosophy, that create a perfect harmony between gold and precious stones.

The stylistic research, the creative design project and the expert modelling, identify a collection of fine and contemporary jewellery. The Luca Carati design preserves and at the same time constantly evolves its own style, protected and guarded with great passion and determination.

The details of absolute value define unequivocally Luca Carati jewellery; the trade mark is hallmarked on all products and the particular “a jour” manufacturing,  become a guarantee of authenticity and a synonymous of a sophisticated style.All Luca Carati jewels are made in Italy.


Launched in 1997, HYSEK brand has imposed its avant-garde vision within the watch industry as well as its a typical style which heckles and dares the difference.

Considered as the most prestigious “designer horologer”, “Hysek” has gained a significant and prestigious position on the high end of luxury timepieces.

“Hysek” is synonym of refinement, technicality, quality, singularity and audacity. Its contemporary style reveals minimalist and pure lines. “Hysek” timepieces are the result of the harmony of shapes and volumes combined to an extreme search of the detail which convey a very strong and recognizable identity.

The elements proper to “Hysek” concept are the dial displaying the numbers 1-5-7-11 as well as the fold-over buckles, exclusive design to “Hysek” in a perfect continuity to the case.

The brand has expanded very quickly and in the purpose of establishing its watch making legitimacy, “Hysek” created its own manufacture in 2007, which placed the company as a major actor of the watch industry. Today, the brand creates and manufactures watches, jewellery, writing instruments and accessories. Distributed in more than 50 countries, “Hysek” can prevail of an international exposure and reputation.

The history of “Armand Nicolet” is inextricably connected with Jurassic town Tramelan where in 1990 a boy was born in the family of a clockmaker Nicole named Armand.

Contemporaries state that Armand took after his father and demonstrated unusual engineering talent from youth. At the age of 7 he could already break up and put together complicated dial-work and obviously, his father didn’t miss the chance to grow his darling son like a worthy continuer of the dynasty. Parental care sank in all right: By the age of 20 Armand had grown from a sub-worker to a professional and set up a workshop where he began to put together devices and dial-work under his own name. After his death in 1939 his business was first continued by his son and then by his grandson: in catalogues and guides, as well as in the shops trading ‘second-hand time’ one can find rarities with writings Nicolet Watch, Charles Nicolet and Marc Nicolet on the dial faces.

Who knows should not there be any crisis in the Swiss clock industry in 1970-80s, the member of the family Nicolet could have been at the head of the company again now. But time has done its job and in the third millennium “Armand Nicolet” penetrates to the top of Swiss clock brands without any exclusive family name. But the previous Tramelan registration certainly obliges to preserve the reputation of regional cabinotiers. Watches by Armand Nicolet are not alike any other watches, as the watch brand “Armand Nicolet” from Tramelan itself are not similar with overwhelming majority of modern Swiss watch companies. It is not a secret that, gigantic well-known manufactures, the number of which is not so big, does not form basis of the national timepiece products of Switzerland, but about ten thousand unknown small family firms specializing in the manufacture of loose parts and seldom putting together watches in limited editions found this field. This is how the watch manufacture of Switzerland has worked since the time of Calvin. Some families were lucky to develop into grand companies, but the rest keep working for them. Founded in the XIX century a tiny watch atelier of “Armand Nicolet” have put together and decorated devices for exclusive brands, produced small series of watches which were hardly known beyond Tramelan. Calm level life let “Armand Nicolet” live in plenty till 1939 and the business was continued by his son Villi. At present Rolando Braga is the Director General of the Watch Company “Armand Nicolet”. This entrepreneur has actively been carrying on business for already 35 years in the watch manufacture and is known for his significant achievements in the field of designing and styling of watches. According to Roland Brago, they create similar watches as Armand used todo: heightened attention to details, individual use of mechanical gauges, variety of stylish forms, firmness.

In 1988, based on years of experience in the implementation of writing instruments, Dante Del Vecchio and Luigi Poli, collectors of old pens, decided to establish a company producing and selling of celluloid pens. Currently the company is also engaged in the production of business gifts and stationery, as well as leather goods (men's wallets and purses). Despite the fact that more than 30 years, large firms do not use this material in the production, Del Vecchio and Poli believed in its technical and aesthetic value, as well as more than 50 years of its usage for manufacturing of fountain pens’ frames.

Celluloid is up-to-date and environment friendly material that is not made of petroleum, but made of cotton and camphor, which gives the oppotunity to obtain more than a thousand hues, and displays good resistance characteristics that is indispensable for high quality writting instrument.

The advantages of the brand is attributed screw caps in all pens except for ballpoint pens "Visconti" since its inception it is not left without attention to traditional technnology, interesting art and craft finds. None of the factories do not use such a wide range of different materials in their products any more: ivory, ebony and acrylic materials. Building on the tradition of Florentine goldsmiths, "Visconti" has expanded its collection and know-how is also due to gold, silver and precious stones. The recognition and the admiration of jewelry have earned the handle technology with a combination of gold and ivory.

The contract between NATO and Russia was signed with Visconti pens on May 28, 2002 in Rome. The tradition of the Visconti was chosen personally by Silvio Berlusconi, as a model of the world-famous Italian quality and style. “Midnight Wanderer” pens were gifted to the Premier Minister of Italy, 6 presidents and to 14 Prime Ministers, who took part in the signing of the contract. "The quality and creativity" is the motto of "Visconti" company.

Federico Gauttiery is a perfectionist desiring to get the best in everything.
His ‘esprit de corps’ (corporate spirit), simply said a soul with boiling creative potential and gravity thinking redirected for creation of art elements with incredible success. Any item of the product of the company Casato is interlacing of soul, unity of opinions and, in addition, it is definite and understandable till the end only for the sophisticated women’s souls.

Such deep emotions have roots stretching back into deep and old history. The Gauttierys have millennial history and their ancestors took part at the First Crusade. Up to now one can see a memorial plaque placed in Kessar ruins in Israel in memory of their participation in military operations.
Due to noble origin the members of the family have intuitive inborn sense of style,tender look and they are the experts of precious metals and stones.

Federico has seen the world, ranged all seas and oceans getting inspired from the surrounding beauty, reality, architecture, sculpture and Mother Nature. Being an amateur seaman, a cook and a painter Federico presents great value of stones with his own imaginative way satisfying not his own interest, but woman’s, her demands and wishes.
Elegant design inspired from women’s sensuality is the characteristic feature of all our collection.

The bright gems are chosen with special care to create inspired and exclusive pieces of art joining the purest touch of sensuality. Satin finish and order of the day are the features enchanting us to twinkle to the creation of real luxury items and superlative beauty of premium class jewellery.

We wow women who impersonate felinity, elegancy and refinement encouraging us to create distinctive and sparkling jewellery.
‘We believe in the symbioses of design and style capable to guess female desires and make their smile truly happy’- Federico Gauttiery says.
Set out a mysterious trip with Federico, discover for yourself hidden tables of his universe: where love fills every second.

Intuitive reason should carry on a dialogue with public spirit, responsibility and inventiveness. This equation forms the basis of success in the company’s activity.

The Company ‘Rosato’ could create jewellery that give pleasure and one feels like touching them. They are completely made manually and combine power of gold and power of sentiments. They let the women wearing them express their femininity, diversity and fantasy. However, ‘Rosato’ is also a game. These are emotions that present gold combined with desire to separate pleasure and feelings. It is fascination and irony. The Company ‘Rosato’ does not embody trends, it creates them as it can exactly define the type of the customer and expresses the style of her life. Therefore the jewellery of the Company are not only success, they have become passionate desire as well.

The Company could have a strong presence at the market like enterprise of jewellery manufacturing emotions. Internal, ancient magic forces of gold are preserved in the jewellery of ‘Rosato’ on the basis of which jewellery granting emotions are made. The jewellery ‘Rosato’ free all glamour of real womanhood not aware of luxury acquires greater value at the moment when it becomes a part of everyday life of a woman adapting to her numerous roles. In the first instance the jewellery ‘Rosato’ is originality. The originality created on the basis of permanent appeal to values of the human being, circle of contact, his antecedents. Each of us is unique and inimitable. Unconditional value of the human being passes in jewellery ‘Rostato’ to everyone, who has ever touched them once .Gold, diamond, enamel of iridescent colours all of which were turned into beautiful shapes capable not only accent your style, but remind you about yourself as well. Metal and stone is not absolute value, it is just internal expression of your own value.

Terzano F.lli SRL, the owner of the trade brand ‘Ninetto Terzano’ was founded in the city Valencia in 20s and can impress with his long and well-known experience in the jewellery. As far back as in 20s the founder, Alessandro Terzano devoted himself to the manufacture and distribution of jewellery in all over Italy.

In 1952 his son Ninetto took the control with competence, style and professionalism. His wife Bridget joined him then who showed herself like a fatigueless and passionate employee. Ninetto loved his job. He travelled much throughout Italy. Within 46 years work Ninetti demonstrated his jewellery ‘Made in Valencia’ in all over Italy and even abroad receiving a number of awards and important recognition. In the continuous search of innovations and refining Ninetto always worked with great enthusiasm. He never wished his professional efforts come to an end as they had already turned into real passion by that time.

Functional authority and traditions: these are characteristic features of the brand ‘Ninetto Terzano’. The Company has grown thanks to lust to jewellery passed from father to his son over 80 years ago. Today this lust is still strong and faithful to traditions of jewellery making, in spite of experiments on the most advanced technology. Inheritance was of great significance. At present attentive to fashion, Bridget Terzano manages the Company with his son Alessandro and daughter Roberta , carriers of innovations and new prospects. The jewellery ‘Ninetto Terzano’ is always modern but follow classic. Each item reflects originality, style and high quality of materials. Multi-colour gems deserve special attention. The collections made of gold and gems are the result of ideas created by the Terzanos and realized by skilled jewellers. Broad assortment of jewellery includes all sorts of jewellery for wants satisfaction of our clients.Actually, satisfaction of our clients was always the chief goal of the brand ‘Ninetto Terzano’.

In the collections of “Alessandro Fanfani”, the designer gold, diamond and multi-layer enamel are combined with unique technology guaranteeing ultra-high quality of products. Each step from the design to the choice of gems are certainly controlled by the Master himself who with the best specialists-jewellers, foundry-men, gem-cutters, polishers and enamellers does his best to fill with life or more alike to clink his valuable masterpieces.

Shapes and nuances seem to come from tales and everything is established on a thin fine line between imagination and the real world. This is much more than jewellery, these are spiritualized jewellers, enriched with sentient experience created to see and touch them, and to let them be a part of our life.

Exclusive creations with definite individuality are like the whole world and like a separate many-sided mosaic of modern effeminacy.

Having been established recently the jewellery house ‘Calgaro’ became very popular and it creates jewellery really ‘outside of hours’. Amazingly beautiful and like nothing on earth jewellery have items from other jewellery houses having one distinction, a very lucky one. ‘Calgaro’ is a young brand appeared in the jewellery market relatively recently, in 2000. The founder of the brand is Giuseppe Calgaro from the small Italian town Viccence known with its traditions in the jewellery art. It is obvious that to gain success among the houses with centuries-old history was not easy at all. Mark-word in the jewellery business creative genius Calgaro could find a place under the ‘jewellery’sun as a result of experiments with forms, material and conception. Happy idea served as basis of fashionable jewellery design under the label ‘Calgaro’ became combination of jewellery art and weaving. Giuseppe Calgaro, a respected specialist on golden chains, created with his affinity group the unique technology of turning gold and silver into the finest fibre. Jewellery, scarves, belts, caps (even blanket-the order of the Arab sheikh for his fiancée) are made of precious ‘golden fleece’. And the colour palette the jewellery ‘Calgaro’ can be made in is extremely broad, about 400tints. Jewellery of silken-gold and silken-silver fibres with rings strung on them from precious metal look like webbed accessories from afar. For instance, a necklace from a distance looks like silver or golden scarf very much. The brand makes jewellery simply of silk, for instance black fibres with silver rings which do not impress less. The jewellery ‘Calgaro’ are chaotic and as a rule subtle beads, heartlets, butterflies, flowers, drops, suns, half-moons made of silver, yellow and white gold, as well as diamond sparkles on luxurious placers of silk.

The most popular items of ‘Calgaro’ are neclets, necklaces, scarves and bracelets of silk and precious metals. To our opinion, these are the most magnificent casual-joaillerie (everyday jewellery). The brand is only 10 years and the jewellers’ of the Company aiming for grandeur is quite understandable, however, it is unnecessary against today’s achievements of the brand. The celebrities, like Sophy Lorren, Ivanka Tramp were charmed with magnificent jewellery by ‘Calgaro’. Besides, the good will of the brand is confirmed with the high awards got by the Company: Oscars of the Jewellery World and Gold Virtuosi. The geography of styles, i.e. ethnic motives in all their emergences became doubtless hit of the jewellery fashion. Designers-intellectuals, well-known and unknown jewellers are inspired by ethnic. The most popular motive among ethnic jewellery is the eastern.

Accessibility of jewellery from the kings of jewellery art is the way that was chosen by many jewellers, as well as ‘Calgaro’. The jewellers consider that to prove one’s real sense one does not need to squander carats and one can obtain something refined on a reasonable price, the main thing is to lay bare one’s heart. And ‘Calgaro’ carries out fantastic experiments with silver and metal having become deliriously popular this season. There are airy chains of silver in combination with rough gold and piquant jewellery in front of us suitable for a low dress and for jeans with a tube top as well. On wearing such jewellery each woman shall feel like a queen. Thus, research, provocation, innovation are the exact description of the product made by the brand. The young brand amazed the jewellery community thanks to its creative and experimental ideas, golden and silver jewellery of magnificent design inimitable in its perfection. ‘Calgaro’ is the revolution in the world of jewellery mastership and fabric. The more important thing is that ‘Calgaro’ could amaze the sophisticated world. It has to be said that they can manage doing it to this day.

Every day’s life in continuous evolution and constant changes makes us be always ‘innovators and be attentive to the details. Thus, the idea of making jewellery ‘Nite’ originates from being relevant, modern, keeping up to the fashion and time trend.

‘Nite’ is born from the project which was strongly desired and prepared by Roberto and Alessandro Terzsano aiming at offering a collection of prêt-à-porter, but at the same time easily wearable, suitable for every occasion and worn by everybody.

The jewellery by ‘Nito’ are of original shape and trend, they are creations of high quality, made not only of gold, diamond and semi-precious stones, but of unusual mixed materials as well which are hardly known at the market.